Why use an audio guide and not one of the many books available ? Or an App where you can download a complete travel guide and have it save on your small smartphone – without carrying heavy books around ?

welcherichtungHave you ever used a paper travel guide – not at home in preparation for a city tour – but live online at the real very place where you wanted to start the tour without a daylong preparation ?  Only one thing is that only one person can read it – what does the rest of your family do meanwhile?

Or would you read to them ? Are you a good, patient reader ? Will they listen to you because your reading is fascinating ?

How much text are you prepared to read yourself or to them on one sight. Half a page ? A full page ? What with the next sight and the next one and your twentieth location ? Are you still reading or fed up with it ? What if you arrive at a sight – a museum, a church e.g. that is closed. Will you walk round, look for an open door ? You will not find it. Despite that will you then start reading or are you frustrated?

Where will you make your tour ? From A to Z sights ?

Or does your book offer you some tour proposals ? With a time limit for the whole tour ? Considering a closed church that is open again in two hours but closed at your start ?

What if you change the route because your wife wants a detour to a shopping center or a coffee break ?

Where will you go ? Where is your next sight ?

How will you get back to your start point ?

How long will you read and use your guide ? Think of your own experience in the past !!

83%(!) of tourists do not keep an efficient time schedule when visiting a city, but just stroll around, look at sights, but don't get anything from history  or background information or do keep it for more than a few hours.

Only 3% use an official human guide ! – what is probably one of the best ideas. But  – you have to book in advance and be there at a special place at a special time. Or the tour will be without you.

Now think that you have your book on a smartphone instead of paper in hands. Is this not cool ? Is it ? Whats changed to the above ?

That you may have additionally the problem to read your text instead of a 10 inch page on a 4 inch display. Small, zooming around to get anything out….

Have you tried that on a bright day in sunlight ? Will you look for a shadowy place to see anything?  How long will you use this app ?

=> Now, that why we use AUDIO consequently ?