Launchscreenlogo2048SmartPhoneTour Quickstart:

  1. Simulator Screen Shot 25.05.2016, 15.56.42Activate GPS function on your Smartphone ! – if not yet active
  2. Select intended Tour Time Limit !
  3. Select your LIKES !
  4. Select your TRANSPORT !
  5. Attach headphones or use build in loudspeaker !
  6. Press „START !“


Your tour is being calculated now. Thats all. Listen and watch !


SmartPhoneTour is your mobSimulator Screen Shot 25.05.2016, 15.57.09ile all in one tour guide ! Your personal guide.

  • No more heavy, complicated guide books
  • No extra maps
  • No small, extensive text on your display in bright sunlight…
  • No fixed tour routes to closed doors sights
  • Always available
  • Single sight and must see selection
  • Sight find game


Everything that is needed for your tour in one single App !



Using SmartPhoneTour means „Replacing guess“. Simplify and enjoy your life.


=> You are visiting a new city, would like to spend 4 hours on a city tour and are interested in historic sights or modern architecture. You hate to end up before closed museums or church doors or to select sights from a heavy book without knowing where to go efficiently to make best use of your time.


=> SmartPhoneTour-App generates an individual route on your smartphone.

=> If you want to interrupt your tour for a coffee break – no problem. The App will adapt your tour.

=> You will use your time efficently for sightseeing – not to search for sights or best routes to them or read small text in bright sunlight.




Simulator Screen Shot 24.05.2016, 11.54.16




SmartPhoneTour uses an activated GPS function and Maps from Apple and Google via Internet. To listen to the audios, it is best to use a headphone or you may use the build in loudspeakers. To use your battery best and save power, select screen time out of e.g. 10 min.


After your App has calculated the tour, you will see all tour sights on your display map for overview. In parallel you will hear an introduction. You need only to listen ! After the intro the App will give you automatic guidance to your next sight.


You will see your position and the intended sight on the smartphone display. Please hold the smartphone so, that your indicated next sight is on top. This gives you the direction.

Additionally a direct map route is shown.


Simulator Screen Shot 24.05.2016, 11.51.08




SmartPhoneTour will guide you completely.





Arrived at your intended sight (please make sure that you are at least <25m distant) you will hear an explanatory audio. Afterwards you are guided to your next sight. Between sights you will hear some background information about the city.Simulator Screen Shot 24.05.2016, 11.54.38







Menu selection:

Single Destination:

You may select a single destination instead of a complete tour.


Must See:

You may select several destinations you would like to visit. The App will try to integrate them into the complete tour –if possible in accordance to your actual position and given tour time limit.

SmartPhoneTour will also indicate whether your selected destination sight is open or closed.

Simulator Screen Shot 24.05.2016, 11.52.45

Sight Find Game:

This game switches your guidance map at a distance of 75m from your destination from map to sight picture. It is your job to find the sight without the map and approach until <25m to hear the explanatory audio.

If you are lost you may switch back to normal mode by selecting sight game menu again. Have fun.


Virtual Tour:

Virtual tour allows to simulate a city tour without being on site. Of course you will loose your on site experience within this mode.


Music on/off:

You may switch off/on the background music.

SmartPhoneTour App is aware, if you are near your intended destination sight, displays a picture of it and starts with the explanatory audio automatically.

You may repeat the audio at any time by selecting the „To previous stop“ menue.

Having experienced a tour previously or having interrupted a tour, it is possible to resume the tour at any time or have it recalculated completely new. If you resume the tour, SmartPhoneTour will keep in mind your visited places and will not integrate them again into your resumed tour.

You always have the possibility to pause or resume your tour.

You may jump over a destination by selection „To next stop“ or go back to your previous destination by selecting „To previous stop“.

SmartPhoneTour will guide you inside a church or guide you on top of a tower – if information for it is available.

At the end of your tour or optionally from the actual tour position SmartPhoneTour will guide you back to your start point.


Simulator Screen Shot 25.05.2016, 15.58.59




SmartPhoneTour offers you many options – not only for an one time tour!


Thank you for using SmartPhoneTour !




Audios based on text are mainly free available information based on Wikipedia published using GNU Free Documentation License or Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.