Why not have your city tour on a laptop computer or sit at home with a good travel guide in a comfortable chair ?

Well, this may be a good idea for the preparation of your tour or for getting as much background information as possible.

However, its not REAL LIVE.

Its not experiencing anything. Its just consuming and forgetting pretty soon because the information is not stored in  your mind. You were not impressed.
We picked mobile devices for a real tour to bring you the full entertainment in living with your experience on a beautiful day.  In remembering where you walked, what you heard, what you have seen or smelled.

Unfortunately virtual tour technology is not yet so much developed  to give you the same experience as a live tour and watching pictures on a home screen is … yes, why you should spend your time on it.

And a mobile device is good for navigation. It could guide you on your tour from sight to sight.

Our idea was to simulated as close as possible an human guide that speaks, is with you, guides you, shows you, waits with you…

But additionally we wanted to overcome the inflexibility of the guide. To book in advance, to be at a special time at a special place without any choice. And to carry the whole tour with him/her without the possibility to detour for e.g. shopping, pause for a coffee, or simply use more or less time as usual offered for a special sight.

One of the best possibilities – except using the smartphoneguide – is probably taking a human guide or a Hop on/Hop off bus, The bus will take you around and provide explanations with a good overview over the sights – as long as you stay on the bus. If you leave the bus, you are on your own. Or you use the smartphoneguide app from your drop point and back to it.

Staying on the bus does not allow you to visit churches, museums, stations, exhibitions, etc. There is no stop to have a closer look. Just you have to carry on…an425

Do you want this ?