Why do you need to select a tour time ?

In many guides you are offered predefined fixed tours with special tour time spend.

stock-illustration-66127363-smart-watch-music-iconWell, we thought we will not provide you with a fixed tour, a fixed schedule, fixed sights, but offer you a dynamically calculated tour that meets exactly your requirement: your intended time spend, your interest in general, architecture, history or a tour on a rainy day that will not guide you around in the rain from one closed building to the next.

It is our service idea to use an intelligent smartphone computer to do what it can do best – not to display text about the city, but to calculate your tour, recalculate it, if needed,  navigate you through your city experience and tell you stories.

Why you use Google(TM) although you have an internet connection and all the information of the world before you ?

You do it only because you want to separate irrelevant information from information you need. Let the search engine do the job for you !

The same idea is a dynamic tour. It knows where you are, whats your time limit for the tour, whats your interest, knows the closed and open sights and how long it takes to go there and back and whats to see in what time there.

Let your App on the smartphone  do the job !!!